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»Strengthening resilience by the sustainable economy and business – towards the SDGs«

Sustainability is an increasingly important resilience mechanism for economies and businesses in a volatile global environment. At the same time, the Sustainable Development Goals promote the implementation of sustainability in many areas of social, economic, and environmental activities of individuals, organizations, and societies. The global health crisis, the war in Eastern Europe, and international geopolitical turbulences increase the importance of sustainability for societies and organizations. These developments represent levers for much-needed transformations of entire corporate business models towards sustainability and opportunities to reverse harmful socio-economic trends and increase the global competitiveness of economies and businesses.


The purpose of the UM FEB 7th International Scientific Conference is to address challenges of economies and businesses related to sustainability implementation, measuring, and reporting. The key aim of the Conference is to share knowledge and diverse views on numerous sustainability themes and find common research interests and future cooperation potentials.

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