16.5. - 20.5. 2022

The purpose of the International week is to strengthen international collaboration with our partner institutions, exchange know-how, good practices and experiences within lectures, presentations and workshops. The purpose of the International week is to enhance and intensify the international collaboration with our partner institutions.

The principal aim of this International week is thus to increase student mobility and the recognition of our partner institutions among our students and academic staff by promoting international studies and international mentality to students.

Since we are living in a pandemic, the ongoing situation showed the importance of interconectdness of countries. Accordingly, it is even more important to conduct this international week, since it brings together people from different nations and creates an international community. This is one of the reasons why international weeks are important; it creates a mutual understanding .

Furthermore, the benefits of international week for student participants are twofold. First of all, they get factual information from the presentations; second of all, they have an ability to get familiar with an international atmosphere which will benefit their future undertakings.

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