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Reading a dossier

We invite the scholars to submit the abstracts of conference papers

until 5 February, 2024




The authors will be notified about the acceptance of abstracts

until 9 February, 2024

The authors of accepted abstracts are invited to submit their full conference papers

until 1 March, 2024


The deadline for submission of revised papers is the 5th of April. The authors will be notified about the acceptance of papers until the 15th of April. 

Editorial Policy for Conference Proceedings

Originality: Papers that have been submitted, accepted or published elsewhere cannot be considered.

Language: All papers must be prepared in English.

Required style: 7th Edition of APA Publication Manual.

Technical requirements:

  • The abstract should be structured in the following 4-6 parts (all in one paragraph): purpose, methodology/approach, findings, research limitations (if applicable), implications (if applicable) and originality/value.

  • Include up to three JEL codes. JEL classification can be found here.

  • The paper should follow a typical structure of an scientific paper. IMRAD structure can be found here.

  • Complete Introduction: background, main goal, a brief literature review (citing up-to-date scientific papers, published in high ranked scientific journals), the structure of the rest of the paper.

  • In Methodology section explain the methodology applied in the paper, including stated hypothesis or research question, and present the sources and characteristics of the data.

  • In Conclusion present main conclusions, include the answer to the research question/accept or reject the hypothesis with arguments derived from the research presented in the paper, emphasize originality/value, limitations and further research possibilities.

  • Next to the references in the list, authors should also provide DOI numbers if they exist.

  • The papers of up to 15,000 to 16,000 characters should be submitted to e-mail address:

Evaluation: All accepted papers will undergo double-anonymous peer review process and will be published in a Conference Proceedings, issued by the University of Maribor Press ( The papers will be evaluated on Scope (Is the paper appropriate for the scope of this conference?), Novelty (Is this original material distinct from previous publications?), Validity (Is the study well designed and executed?), Data (Are the data reported, analyzed, and interpreted correctly?), Clarity (Are the ideas expressed clearly, concisely, and logically?), Compliance (Are all ethical and publication requirements met?), and Advancement (Is this a significant contribution to the field?).

After paper submission, an initial check will be done by editors. Then two reviews will be obtained for each paper, on the basis of which the authors will be asked to supplement their paper. All accepted contributions will also be proofread.


The Conference Proceedings will be submitted for evaluation of eligibility for indexing in the WOS Conference Proceedings Citation Index.

Copyright: Copyright is retained by the author. There will be an open access to Conference Proceedings under the CC BY-NC license that allows reusers to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material in any medium or format for non-commercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator.


Payment: Authors are not paid for their contributions.

E-mail submissions:

Editorial Office of Conference Proceedings:

University of Maribor, Faculty of Economics and Business

Razlagova 14

2000 Maribor


Phone: ++386 2 22 90 000


Zlatko Nedelko, PhD, Full Professor,

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